Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vulture Culture - Part Two

Yesterday I looked at the potential pickings at forward positions offered by the Minnesota Wild roster as they fall out of contention. Today the distressed animal we are circling over is the Calgary Flames.

The situation Calgary finds themselves in certainly make something of a fire sale a necessity. Given the depth of competition in the West it seems unlikely the Flames could make serious noise this season. As constituted the Flames are a pretty old team (avg. age 29.7 years), and they don't have much room under the cap, only $1.7m. They may take awhile to accept that they are not going anywhere this year, but I've got to think they will eventually begin to look to the future.

Alex Tanguay: Age 30 LW 32GP 9G 16A +4

Given that Tanguay is the type of player Canadian hockey fans love to hate, and given he is playing well enough to score a much more lucrative contract on the free agent market after the season, Tanguay should be available. If the price was right I wouldn't have a problem with this move. However, given the fact Calgary probably won't begin to sell off early a bidding war could develop. I'd hate to see the Blues overpay for someone who can be as uneven in his play as Tanguay can be. Tough call.

Curtis Glencross: Age 27 LW 30GP 7G 5A +1

I like Glencross, and I would like the depth he could offer the Blues. That being said he's not really someone you think of as fitting in on a scoring line, is he? Pass, for the time being. One more long term injury to a forward and I'll reconsider.

Brendan Morrison: Age 34 C 32GP 5G 14A +4

He's inexpensive, gonna be a free agent at season's end, and he's picking up decent numbers. I'd take him.

Craig Conroy: Age 38 C 17GP 2G 0A -1

I put Craig on here merely for sentimental purposes. The next time I want him wearing the Bluenote is for the alumni team. Pass.

Olli Jokinen: Age 31 C 29GP 5G 10A -6

I don't care if Backes, Berglund and Boyes were all felled in a freak group shaving accident, I wouldn't want Jokinen near my team. Pass.

Niklas Hagman: Age 30 LW 32GP 8G 9A -6

Hagman still has a year on his deal after this one (at $3m), so he might not be made available in any event. But, if he is put on the market he might be worth a look see. 25-30 goals a season should be within his reach if he remains healthy. Plus the hit he would put on next season salary cap wouldn't hinder the Blues as they take care of some of the homegrown talent (especially Oshie, whose various injuries will probably keep him relatively affordable anyway.) I say yes.

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