Friday, December 17, 2010

Vulture Culture

We may be rapidly nearing that time of the season when the Blues will have to start feeding on the rotting corpses of the NHL. The Blues have spent the better part of five years holding onto draft picks and stocking the organization with prospects. Not all of them can find the ice at the Drink Scotch. The whole point was to move some of them when needs arise. Given the open-ended nature of some of the injuries forwards have taken this year I'd say needs have indeed arisen.

One of those rotting corpses is the Minnesota Wild. In today's Pioneer-Press Tom Powers runs through some names the Wild would probably listen to offers for as the Wild is near the salary cap and going nowhere fast. Here are the options:

Andrew Burnette: Age 37 LW 30GP 6G 8A -6

This would definitely be a rental situation. Burnette is a solid experienced pro who wouldn't cost much in return, but I'm not sure there is enough upside here to merit the Blues moving on him. Pass.

John Madden: Age 37 C 28GP 4G 3A -12

Another cheap old guy, and exactly what the Blues do not need. We are up to our wazoos in fourth line players. Pass.

Antti Miettenen: Age 30 RW 25GP 7G 8A -5

Miettenen will be a free agent after the season, so this can certainly be viewed as a rental situation if the Blues wanted it to be. He's quick, and offer offensive upside compared to the pluggers the Blues have to make do with right now. As long as the price isn't exorbitant I say yes. Please.

Chuck Kobasew: Age 28 RW 16GP 2G 0A -6

I like Kobasew, but he's been banged up pretty good. Plus, he isn't really a "put the puck in the back of the net" kinda guy at the best of time. Pass.

I'll keep an eye out for other carcasses we might be able to pick over.